April 22, 2009

Natural Disaster

Made on the sixth day by God's own hands
I've grown defiant to his wish and commands
It was an apple then, it is an Apple now
Its quite a contorted story somehow.

On a planet so blue
Infinite lines I drew
To give to my people
Every time my tribe grew

A million little pieces I made of this earth
Till all that was left was useless ice and dirt.
Then I razed forests for buildings that grew sky-high
And my people spread till land was in dearth

I've made banks and churches and killing machines
On the face of the earth that was once so pristine
I've tamed all the beasts, I reign supreme
Till an asteroid comes to sweep the planet clean
Little explanation - "It was an apple then, it is an Apple now" Eve's sin of consummation v/s Jobs' (Steve) propaganda of consumerism.



Afroz said...

really nice, something different from what i'm accustomed to reading from you

Vestronge said...

Wolla !

sid heart said...


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