February 10, 2009


Everyday I wear a different face
By the night I find another to replace
Tomorrow when you meet the substitute
You’ll probably just say “how cute”

Its the same ritual I go thru everyday
Putting on the new, keeping the old away
In a day learning and unlearning
How to live in that particular way

I back myself for being that guy
And like a transforming figurine
Clap one Clap two
Change of scene

I don’t know about the day after
Or if I could get any dafter
All I ever have is today
Tomorrow is a very different day

My closet is full of faces
Faces I wore once
Faces I was once
They don’t fit me now
I grew out of them
Sources of inspiration: David Bowie(!) and a theme suggested by Sarthak



Aryä said...

Awesomez.... very very true man ..

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