January 29, 2009

Pushbutton Smile

She came in a plastic bag filled up with styrofoam balls
And never complains about the paint patches on my walls
Getting used to her never took more than a while
She brightens my every day with her very own push-button smile.

I never really wanted her to stay for more than a week
When I slapped her for being rude she turned me her other rosy cheek
The moments we share together are so incredibly intense
Having your own rubber doll now it makes so much more sense

She would lie down in a corner never taking up too much space
Her eyes only added to the beauty of her custom-made face
Software updates made her act the way I wanted to be
Oh Andie you were so much more than the perfect girl for me

But soon I grew tired of the sameness of your physique
And I came across a girl that went by the name of Mystique
More flexible and sensible than you ever were she was
All I had to do was to hit on you the button Pause

(Plastic Dollies, Real Emotions.)
Sources of inspiration – Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead, perverted Japs and Small Wonder (the TV Series)



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