February 14, 2010

Being Human

While he sat and theorized
About the human race
And the people he had categorized
Without ever seeing a face

He found an uncanny connection
An anomaly he could not define
Something that brought them closer
And united their minds

They called it love
But he did not understand
Why the singularity never
Made any demands

He put them in boxes
To see how they react
Or rather to cure the syndrome
Is why he did it in fact

They lived in the boxes
But still felt the same
The innateness of the feeling
Must then take the blame

He felt powerless
So went to a happy face
Expecting retribution
Getting a warm embrace

An armchair theorist
Left his office and got a shock
For unentangled from his theories
He had found the human flock
(Creator of social stratification. Shown as a theorist. Hopeful failure of theories and stratification.)



AryƤ said...

Hey rubyonrails, i check out your videos, why they suck?

AryƤ said...

Women man, women.

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